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It’s been a while since I’ve posted! I started my summer job on St. George Island, in the Pribilofs just south of St. Paul Island where I worked last summer. I haven’t posted lately since we still don’t have internet at our house (we are living above the old fur seal “wash house” ) and are only occasionally using the internet from the cottage up the hill – our dish blew down during the winter and hasn’t been fixed yet.

A view of town with High Bluffs in the background.

St. George has proven to be a pretty magnificent place. Yes, I used the word magnificent because it IS. The quantity of birds is mesmerizing. Literally. Sometimes I can’t stop staring at the sky and fall into a trance with all the birds buzzing past my head. Looking along the horizon at certain times of the day you can see streams upon streams of murres pouring home from foraging trips at sea. At the tallest cliffs, known as High Bluffs, which are 1,000 feet above the sea, the sky almost looks like it’s snowing because of all the red-legged kittiwakes. Inland at Ulakaia Ridge, the least auklet colony is almost deafening and the birds looks like schools of fish in the sky, moving in unison almost as if they are some sort of ameoboid life form. I have decided for now that the least auklets are my favorite on the island. Although the red-legged kittiwakes are close contenders for cutest bird, both looks and personalitywise, they just can’t quite compete with the least auklet’s charm. Any little bird that will land on a rock 12 inches from my face, look straight into my eyes, and then promptly ignore me and go about it’s birdy business will instantly win my heart. I love when birds make me feel like I’m one of them and nothing to be worried about.

Least auklets sitting on top of the "blind" (pile of rocks), the one on the left is yawning and the one on the right is looking incredibly tired of seeing my face.

Kittiwake demonstrating it's cuteness.


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